Law Society of Hong Kong President's notice Newsletter on May 20, 2019:


Collaboration among Lawyers’ Associations in the Greater Bay Area


To foster closer working relationship among lawyers’ associations in the Greater Bay Area, a Joint Meeting System has been set up since December 2018. The participating organisations, namely, the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Guangdong Lawyers Association, the Macau Bar Association and each of the nine municipal lawyers associations in the Greater Bay Area take turn to host the joint meetings. It was our turn to host the second joint meeting on 11 May. The full-day meeting in Hong Kong was well attended by more than 30 representatives from our counterparts in the Greater Bay Area. Exchanges on legal updates in each city and discussions on various areas of common interest took place. Views were exchanged on how to maximize the synergy of the different legal expertise and services that are offered by each city and how to enable practitioners to learn and experience the practice environment in other cities within the Greater Bay Area through training, internship and secondment programmes. The joint meeting system has provided a very good forum for us to feel the pulse of the rapid development of the legal profession and the legal service market in the Greater Bay Area. It gives us a more holistic view when strategising how to position our legal profession in the long term for the benefit of our members.


Melissa K. Pang