【Teen Talk 2019


The Law Society of Hong Kong’s “Teen Talk” Programme was first launched in 2010 and it has, over the years, attracted a total of over 11,000 youngsters to participate in various activities under the Programme aiming to enhance their legal knowledge.


This year, Teen Talk presents its 10th anniversary under the theme of “A Tale of 3 Systems”.  This flagship event consists of two parts, opening up with a “Basic Law Talk” on 16 November at the University of Hong Kong and followed by the “Teen Talk 10th Anniversary Forum” on 30 November at AsiaWorld-Expo. Students from Forms 3 to 6 will be guided by solicitor facilitators to acquire knowledge on the similarities and disparities of laws in three jurisdictions (Hong Kong, Mainland and Macau) through analysis and group discussions.


To make Teen Talk 2019 a success, your support as facilitators is essential and would be much appreciated. More volunteers are needed to assist in the group discussions during the main event on 30 November. A training seminar will be offered to all facilitators to prepare them for the task. The President is sure you will find the experience rewarding as well. Please sign up! Details are in the Circulars.


Melissa K. Pang


(Information from The Law Society of Hong Kong)