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Information Day on Global Acceleration Academy Programme


The Law Society is collaborating with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation under the Global Acceleration Academy Programme to co-develop practical and impactful legal tech solutions to address the innovation needs of our members. The launching event, the Information Day, will be held on 13 December. We will introduce the legally related technology trend and the timeline of our project. This is a good opportunity for members to take part in the Law Society’s innovation journey. More details are in this week’s Circulars.


Meanwhile, I am pleased to report that we have had an exciting innovative year in 2019. Six Community Roundtables have been held since May to enable different stakeholder groups to exchange views. The last event on 26 November co-organised by the InnoTech Law Hub and the Working Party for SME Firms afforded a useful platform for our SME practitioners to exchange ideas and concerns about legal innovation.


Melissa K. Pang


(Information from The Law Society of Hong Kong)